publications by categories in reversed chronological order


  1. gyroid_static.png
    OpenVCAD: An open source volumetric multi-material geometry compiler
    Charles Wade, Graham Williams, Sean Connelly, Braden Kopec, and Robert MacCurdy
    Additive Manufacturing, 2024


  1. ori_table.png
    Determining Optimal Print Orientation Using GPU-Accelerated Convex Hull Analysis
    Charles Wade, Breanne Crockett, Michael Borish, and Robert Maccurdy
    In Proceedings of the 8th ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication, 2023
  2. slicer2.png
    ORNL Slicer 2
    Alex Roschli, Michael Borish, Abigail Barnes, Charles Wade, Breanne Crockett, Liam White, and Cameron Adkins
  3. Load balancing for multi-beam additive manufacturing systems
    Benjamin C. Stump, Brian T. Gibson, Jay T. Reynolds, Charles Wade, Michael C. Borish, and Peter L. Wang
    Additive Manufacturing, 2023


  1. curve_fitting.jpg
    Hybrid Curve Fitting for Reducing Motion Commands in Object Construction
    Charles Wade, and Michael Borish
    In 2022 International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, 2022


  1. gpu_tsp.png
    A GPU-based Approach for Path Planning Optimization via Travel Length Reduction
    Michael Borish, and Charles Wade
    Procedia Manufacturing, 2021


  1. read.png
    Low Cost Remote Algae Detection Utilizing Embedded Hardware, Custom Sensors, and Additive Manufacturing
    Charles Wade, and Teran M. Ericksen
    Proceedings of The National Conference on Undergraduate Research, 2019