Dec 5, 2023 I am excited to announce the publication of my paper titled “OpenVCAD: An Open Source Volumetric Multi-Material Geometry Compiler” in the journal Additive Manufacturing. This project is the culmination of the first major project during my PhD studies. The project is open source for researchers and hobbyists. For more information, please visit the dedicated website at
Nov 27, 2023 My paper, Determining Optimal Print Orientation Using GPU-Accelerated Convex Hull Analysis, was published at SCF ‘23: Symposium on Computational Fabrication! Check the paper out here. This work was implemented into the open-source Oak Ridge National Laboratory Slicer 2 project.
Oct 6, 2023 A recent blog post on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory website highlights the outcome of a project I was involved in at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Our team successfully 3D printed a prototype rover wheel for NASA. My role in this project focused on the development of an innovative real-time slicing workflow. This was crucial for generating the billions of G-code commands required to precisely construct the wheel.
Mar 21, 2023 I was selected for the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Scholar Program! This fellowship program will provide me with funding and the chance to collaboration with Draper researchers for the duration on my PhD studies.
Sep 1, 2022 I recently presented at the 2022 International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium on a novel method to reduce motion command in 3D-printing using curve fitting.
Aug 15, 2021 I have begun a PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder! I will be working in the Matter Assembly Computation Lab under Robert MacCurdy.